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Data Technology

Belmont AVP

Belmont AVP (Audio-Visual Platform) provides a digital environment to run various media sources and solutions, thereby providing a new experience and performance for different events and expositions.

Unification architecture saves time and costs by eliminating the need to open different interfaces and conduct many actions.


Attendance improvement

Belmont AVP aims to improve the overall attendance of the facilities in which it is deployed. The attraction of new visitors and a constant audience aids the creation of a recognizable facility.


The modular architecture of Belmont AVP provides the ability to implement modules according to the needs of the facility and depending on the available and planned infrastructure.


Management and unification

Central management and source integration into a unified database are the main benefits of implementing Belmont AVP. Different audio and visual systems will work together in a single management interface.

Exhibition extension with kiosks

These machines can significantly extend the exposition and showcase masterpieces that cannot be shown physically because of a lack of space. In addition to this advantage, a kiosk provides structured information and a plethora of data at a single point.


Personal digital guide

The smartphone is an integral part of the modern human. An individual’s phone can function as a digital guide, allowing for a comfortable acquittance of the exhibition without the need for a tour guide along with a guided group.

Variable design of sections and content

Sections and their contents in interactive expositions are a significant part of the pursuit of the main purpose of an event: impressive effects and solution interactivity. Notable content plays a very important role in addition to the standard information provided about the exhibits, their digital reproductions, and historical references.

The world in a sound

The usage of sound plays a significant role in the complete perception of an exhibition. It engages additional senses in the visitor. An author’s music composition with modern sound design improves the impression left by an exhibit and provides a further representation of an exhibit in the form of sound.

Live perception

Using modern computer technologies coupled with art animation techniques allows for the vivification of pieces of art. This approach can extend the limits of the perception of the visitor and leave a lasting impression.

Acquainting in augmented reality

Augmented reality is an excellent way for exposition visitors to discover the characters of the artists and creators. Innovative solutions using the personal mobile phones of the visitors allow for the creation of additional virtual exhibits within the exhibition. These exhibits interactively communicate with visitors.

Virtual presence

Systems that utilize virtual reality can transform the standard world and present an entirely new portrayal of our surroundings with high details. These solutions are not only useful for visitor immersion in virtual representations of exposition halls with an extended list of exhibits, but also for immersion in a specific exhibit to feel the design and the skill of the painter.

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