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Data Technology

Belmont Industrial Security

Belmont solutions for Industrial Security provides highly reliable detection of various accidents experienced by workers, as well as hazards that risk employee safety. These accidents can occur at any point and are extremely unpredictable.


Belmont Industrial Security can save workers’ health, improve operational safety, and support uninterruptible operational processes.


Multiple detection rules

Several analytical rules are currently available. These include the detection of a person without a helmet, the detection of a person without a uniform (with reflective elements), and the detection of a person on the floor. We are continuously working to introduce further detection scenarios. These rules can be used in unison, or separately, depending on the installation requirements.

Hardware agnostic solution

Belmont Industrial Security does not require specific cameras or servers. Any camera with an RTSP stream can be used as a stream source. The system can function on multiple machines depending on the workload.


VMS independent solution

The system can operate independently from a VMS. However, it can also be a part of an integrated solution. The solution can be adapted according to project requirements.

Neural networks

Any deployed system can be trained and and learn realistic outcomes after installation in a real environment. This would allow for the elimination and exclusion of any possible false alarm.


Single interface

All actions of live viewing, recording viewing, and switching between rules and analytical systems can be performed in a single interface.

Regions of interest and trigger level

Performance and load optimization are significant components of these systems, especially if the system relies on multiple cameras. Regions of interest can optimize system performance and trigger levels can eliminate unnecessary alarms.

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