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Data Technology

Belmont Nexus

Belmont Nexus is a platform and tool which automates all your processes and manages the events of connected systems.

A single interface, support for decision-making processes, modular architecture, distributed and failover operation scenarios are but a few advantageous features of our platform.


Modular architecture

Belmont Nexus has a modular architecture, and any module can be added and implemented depending on the project’s needs.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation and support in decision-making processes are our platform’s core features as a vital aim is to deliver support and assistance in daily operations.


Failover operation and distributed heirarchy

Belmont Nexus is fully reliable and resistant to hardware errors, interruptions of communication and even total system failure as a software node of the platform can even operate locally on an operator’s workstation.

Incident processing

All incidents are automatically analyzed and evaluated. As an operator receives this information the incident is linked with appropriate regulation. Incidents can be prioritized from a level of 1 to 5. Operators can take an incident for processing or assign it to an alternate operator. This is especially useful when an incident with higher priority must be processed.


Reaction time

Belmont Nexus optimizes the reaction time for all incidents. Every regulation and reaction scenario is automated with a pre-set reaction time for each step or action. This allows each incident to be processed quickly and responsibly, with a focus on each regulatory step.

Investigations and reporting

Management can readily control and monitor the performance and task completion of operators. Belmont Nexus collects and registers all data and events using a dedicated module to further evaluate and investigate.

Implementation without interruption

The implementation of Belmont Nexus can be done seamlessly, without temporarily ceasing any daily operations. During the installation and setup process, the systems being integrated into the platform do not have to be stopped.

Custom-made solutions

Each project and application scenario has unique requirements, conditions, and environments in which it must function. We always thoroughly consider every factor, term, and variable to provide efficient and tailor-made solutions.

Coordination of interaction between departments

System management, incident processing, maintenance operations, and other actions which involve several responsible employees or departments can now be managed more efficiently, quickly, and responsibly, eliminating hours of complex coordinating, unnecessary meetings, and subsequent time loss.

Minimization of human factor

With the use of Belmont Nexus, operators will no longer miss or skip incidents. All incidents are visible within the system tree and once an operator takes an incident for processing, all required steps must be taken and confirmed before an incident is fully processed. All steps taken by the operators are registered.

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