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Data Technology

Belmont Track

Belmont Track is a software and hardware system which controls and monitors personnel and assets by collecting, processing, and providing the data with the routes, locations, and time stamps.


Objects identification

Belmont Track delivers tracking control with the highest precision available in the industry. The system can provide the exact locations of people and assets, both online and offline.

Regulation control

The system is constantly monitoring the object’s location and relaying information to the operator. The operator is notified if the object enters a prohibited zone and violates the regulation.


Trajectories and time

Using a continuous data stream with the object’s location, a Track application creates trajectories to visualize the object route while offline. Belmont Track also registers the time spent by all objects in any zone.

Advanced reporting and statistics

The Belmont Track system can provide an extended range of statistical data and advanced reporting information provided by personnel, assets, groups with similar attributes, zones, and statuses.


Database management

Sophisticated data control provides the ability to manage the database containing personnel, departments, titles, assets, tags, facilities, and zones to quickly modify or add any items.


Belmont Track is integrated with Belmont Nexus to communicate data to the Event Management platform. Furthermore, the system has multiple integrations with Video Management Systems to create a visualization in both online and offline modes in the case of any event.

Single key for multiple people or assets

The usage of a single key for multiple people or assets can increase cost efficiency and optimization when duty costs must be paid. The switching process can be done in seconds, providing the current data about a person or asset while archiving data for further event management.

System control

All components in the system are continuously monitored and controlled to check their status and perform preventative control. In addition to this, a system is conducting time synchronization to provide correct time stamps for every event.

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