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Data Technology

Belmont IVP

Belmont IVP (Identity Verification Platform) is an advanced verification system. The IVP algorithm functions based on the biometric parameters of an individual’s face.

The algorithm produces a neural network image of a person’s face and registers this person in the system. The created neural network image is used as reference identification data for this person.


Simplified user experience for verification

Rapid verification without SMS, passwords, QR codes, and smart keys.

User confidence in service security

The fear of stolen or forgotten passwords is eliminated.


A person’s data is stored securely and the identification key, their face, is always with the user.


Raising the protection of user activities and data

The solution is based on facial recognition with advanced systems with reliable liveness control.


The system will be able to detect if a false user is attempting to log in.

Secured storage of personal data

All biometric data of faces are stored on Belmont IVP servers as digital combinations.

Belmont IVP does not need to store the original graphic image of a person’s face.

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